What Wishy Can Do

Collecting your wishes
is now easier than ever before.

Find your wish

Search your favourite items
in over 11.000.000 products.

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Save to your wishlist

You can also add your wish by picture.
Create your wishlist is easy and fun.

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Share with people

Users can see your wishlist.
Let them book your wish for buy it for you!

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How it looks like

Simple tool to organise your dreams.

How many times you forget about things you want to get. Now, Wishy can be helpful!

Open your camera or add picture from your library and add products you want to get, don't miss anything.

User Friendly

Wish is as simple as can be. Focused on storing your dreams

User profiles

Register in our app need only few things to. You can also sign in by Facebook or Google quickly.

Huge database of products

You can search over 11.000.000 products in database. Names, prices, link to store and pictures.

Have fun!

You can discover what other users want to wish.

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Discovering and creating wishlist in one place. Simple and fast thing to keep my ideas.

I won’t be wrong buying gift for my friend anymore, that’s amazing!

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